Free/Low cost triple gazed windows/patio door/velux

Hello to the lovely CC community.

We are having an extension built and sadly aren’t able to re-use all the triple-glazed windows we had installed following our retrofit. It’s a long story but the windows are only about 3 years old, they’re Internorm PassivHaus spec and they’re incredibly warm, quiet and of course air tight.

We’ve now removed most of these from the house so you’re welcome to come and see them, they could use a clean but otherwise ready to go! I’m not looking for much money (if any for the smallest windows), mainly I just don’t want to throw them away.

If these could fit with your project, please give me a shout! It includes one sliding patio door (2.3m square), a triple glazed velux, and a collection of smaller windows including a couple with obscured glazing.

Collection from Sale, south manchester. Prices in the spreadsheet are what was the original price, I’m not looking for anything like that, just open to offers.