External window blinds/shutters

Has anyone fitted external blinds or shutters to reduce solar gain? The recent record temperatures made me think they’d be useful. There seem to be a few companies out there such as https://enviroblinds.co.uk/ . However, with our shallow reveals and EWI I can’t see a neat and secure way to retrofit the frames.

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Fitting or retrofitting external shading is a problem with EWI as the EWI has very little strength and the mouldings will create thermal bridging. If you are planning it in advance then embed Compacfoam within the EWI.

Otherwise there are products that allow fitting to the wall without compressing the insulation, however you will have to put up with the thermal bridging.

I am planning to fit brise soleil made of solar panels. That is unfortunately the extent of the plan so far, so no details to share.

Something along the lines of this one posted on the Octopus forum:

Thanks for the suggestions, Tim.

Hi @Chris_Wilkinson. I’ve used these for retrofit…
Not 100% thermally broken, but better than the average bolt if that is the alternative in a given situation