Experience with electric underfloor heating?

Hi, just joined the community having been a long-time fan of Carbon Co-op!

I’ll shortly be moving into a house where the wet central heating system has been replaced throughout the ground floor (living room, kitchen and dining room) with electric underfloor heating. Wet central heating is still in place upstairs.

I know electric underfloor heating will be very expensive. We will be getting advice long-term on whether we should return to a wet system or not, but in the short/medium-term I wondered if anyone has any experience living with extensive electric underfloor heating like this, and in particular if they have any advice on how to manage it efficiently?

Thanks, Laurence

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@laurence, welcome to the forum.

I don’t have personal experience of electric underfloor systems but my other half used to live with one. Her answer, in her financial situation, was so switch it off and wear a full set of winter clothes indoors.

However I’m sure the forum can be much more constructive for you.

We will need to know the type of construction for the floor and level of insulation. Also, do you have individual room control or is there just a master switch for the whole system?
If you don’t have individual control is there access to the power supply to each room, to enable the addition of controls?

Sorry to say my answer is similar to Tim’s. My big mistake was not ensuring that there was a lot of insulation between the electric element and the concrete base. Given that fail, I have to keep it switched off. Fortunately this is not a room we need in winter so it serves as a fridge.

Cross fingers: maybe whoever laid this did take care with insulating it from the base?