Empty homes and carbon coop

Many moons ago I worked for a housing association and used short life coops to provide temporary accommodation while building work was due. How might carbon coop retrofit concepts be used with empty homes? I envisage replicable von Neumann machines https://www.actiononemptyhomes.org/

When a home is empty, regardless of reason or duration, there is tremendous scope for retrofit. All those jobs that we on the forum are so keen to get done when the opportunity arises can be done in the correct order consecutively and in some cases simultaneously. For a really effective retrofit it is often necessary to rip everything out and start again, something that most householders are unwilling or unable to do.

If adjacent properties are vacant then all the better as the joins between properties done independently are often the sites of thermal and damp leakage. Also, where the roof needs reshaping to accommodate retrofitting it is often impractical to do so for one house in a terrace/semi.

Given a clean slate it would be great to get a Passivhaus designer to design and specify a Passivhaus or, if necessary, an EnerPHit retrofit.