EcoHome Lab : Home Assistant Energy Dashboard

Hi folks,
At next Thursday’s EcoHome Lab we’ve got the founder of Home Assistant talking about the new energy dashboard and the vision for automating home energy management. Home Assistant provides a base for Carbon Coop’s HEMS and Cofybox systems and it’s great to see the upstream project inspired by that work to focus more on energy and carbon tracking as part of the default system.
The Energy Dashboard was introduced into last month’s release and this month sees a number of new features such as home battery status monitoring. It’s a good opportunity to chat about our collective visions for energy/carbon monitoring and automation.
It’s 6pm next Thursday (9th Sept) - all welcome.


This looks like a great opportunity to glimpse the direction of Home Assistant, and will be particularly relevant for anyone trying to optimise their home energy system with automations and monitoring.

I would fully expect any future developments in their software to be filtering down to PowerShaper participants relatively quickly!

For those who missed this session, the recording of Paulus’s presentation is here: EHL: Energy Management in Home Assistant - YouTube

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