ECO Flex funding for GM Districts - Will this be different?

So, two years on (see thread from 2021) from the discussion about ‘Accessing Funding for energy saving measures - Green Homes Grant’, a new scheme has appeared.

The conclusion from the GHG was that EON (who GMCA had appointed to mange the budget) spent lots of money on sending people from the midlands up to do survey work, had poor communication with applicants, short time frames, and it wasn’t clear how successful that scheme actually was in terms of delivering projects to householders. Will this new scheme be different? I’ve applied and will be having yet another survey next week. I’ll feed back on my experiences and I hope that others will apply and share their thoughts on this scheme.

NB I know that this community is wider than Greater Manchester, so perhaps there are similar schemes running in other areas, so check your local authority website. These schemes aren’t always well publicised.

More info on the GM scheme here… ECO Flex - Improveasy Ltd