Configuring electricity imported and exported from the grid into Home Assistant (HEMS)

I notice that the HEMS with Home Assistant Dashboard has a method of doing this from > Energy Electricity , but the instructions as to how to do this get complicated because it refers to a number of difficult European meter systems. Has anyone worked out how and produced some simple instructions on how this can be done with a British Smart Meter?

Ideally, I want to monitor real-time (or near real-time) consumption from the grid and export back to the grid. I know it will require some sort of clamp and then there is a need to configure the 5 steps within the Electricity Grid module. But, it is not really clear how to do this.

I have used an Efergy montior to intergrate into Home Assistant - not sure if that would work with the HEMS instance, but worth a look: - in fact the online Efergy portal might do what you want on its own.
Loop ( can also talk direclty to your Smart Meter without upsetting your energy provider and that can monitor usage (maybe only consumpton?) as well.

It is possible to do this with a ShellyEM and a current clamp. If you also have a clamp on your solar feed, then you are able to identify your generation, export and infer your usage. This is something we have been trialing recently. I would be happy to speak to you further about this next week, or you can ask @matt when you next speak with him as well.

Thanks @epickering Would I be correct in thinking that Loop is about the same as the Powershaper Monitor that I already use.

Probably - but it does not require you to have an inhome display to connect - I am in a new build and we didn’t get one of those! ;-(