Combisave device for a combi gas boiler

I have a combi boiler.
I have recently come across a device called combisave. Here is one link:

Superficially it looks like a very good idea - saving water and gas.

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of these things? Particularly if they actually work as advertised?



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There is a topic mentioning this subject on the Octopus Energy forum. The view seems to be that it works. There are also suggestions for DIY solutions that are beyond my comprehension.

In case you or any other reader has access to that forum, here is a link:

Thanks for this reply Tim.

Irritatingly, whilst I am an Octopus customer, I am not an Octopus Agile customer, so I cannot get at this forum…

Thanks anyway.


The forum is also open to customers on other smart tariffs, so Go, Go Faster, TEG, and Tracker. Maybe more. If any of those apply to you then you can join the forum but you need to ask to join, it isn’t automatic. Email “Smart” to request membership.

I am on the Coop community power rate, so I don’t think it will work :frowning:

Looks good, I’ve booked a visit. Thanks for the tip! Ball park how much do they cost?

That’s really interesting, surely these must be possible to buy for self install?

Edit: Yes, knew I would show myself up by not just googling first. About £45 plus read some good writeup of experience with them on Screwfix forum.

If it does what it says (and I can’t see why it wouldn’t) then seems like they should be mandatory fit. Only disadvantage I can see is that the hot tap will probably trickle once opened which could perhaps bit a bit confusing/annoying to anyone not familiar with it - especially for those tap/sink combos which are designed to give you an embarrassing wet lap if opened fractionally too much.

Hi Scott,

Have you actually found anywhere that has them in stock?

I have tried several places (including screwfix) and whn you actually try to buy them it says they are out of stock. I was seriously wondering if they had stopped being manufactured

Yeah, a few places online BES seemed to have them but I found it cheapest on EBay

Thanks Scott - you obviously did better than me!
If you install it, perhaps you can let you know how it worked :slight_smile: