Changed default forum view

Hi everyone! You might have noticed that the appearance of the front page of the forum has changed. I decided to change the default page from showing a list of the most recent posts and topics to one which also displays the different categories in the forum.

The main reason for this change is so that new members of the forum can see the different categories that they can make posts to and not just the most active conversations.

If you want to change it back to how it was before that is also easy to do! If you want a temporary change just click ‘latest’ in the menu bar at the top.

Alternatively if you want make the change permanent you just need to click your profile picture in the top right, the small persona icon and then preferences, from there you can change the default home page from ‘categories’ to ‘latest’.

I hope that with this view people will be able to see the full range of issues that Carbon Co-op members want to discuss!

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