Attaching to EWI

We have composite woodfibre board to a depth of 180mm with a rendered finish at the front of the house. This was fitted in 2016 as part of the Community Green Deal Programme.

We have tried on a number of occasions to get an internet connection flown from an adjacent telegraph pole, but the ISPs (Internet Service Provider) wont touch the wall. Even after explaining to them when we arrange the appointment someone will invariably turn up, scratch their head and then leave.

We had to stop the last ISP as they thought they could do the job with a 200mm expansion bolt. Is there a recommended fixing for attaching to EWI? I have come to the opinion that it is safer for us to attach the fixing, although the last ISP said that they would need to attach it.

Cheers, Julian

All the attachments that I know of for EWI (which isn’t many) are designed for vertical pull of quite light loads, such as plastic drain pipes. The pull from a cable is quite strong. Imagine the weight of the cable suspended from the pole to your house. Ideally you want an underground cable for at least the entry to the house.
Could you attach a suitable bracket to the roof timbers at the eaves?


Fischer do fixings for this.
Google ‘fischer stand-off installation TherMax 10’

Thanks for the responses.

It was a bit of a strange situation in the end as the installer wouldn’t install with a fixing that they hadn’t supplied and also wouldn’t use a fixing they hadn’t installed. Something about liability.

The fix was that our neighbour allowed us to attach the fixing their side of the party wall. Not sure if this will be an issue later on, but at least we now have internet.

Good news that a solution was found.

A better solution will have to be found some time, if not for you, as a time will hopefully come when all houses will be retrofit and there will be a shortage of suitable neighbours.

We could adopt the Norwegian model that dispensed with a wired telephone network years ago to reduce duplication and maintenance overheads.