Wetrooms and what can go wrong!

This post explains how the wetroom we acquired with our home has caused no end of problems and produced a huge amount of waste.

I would say to anyone wanting a wet room to be careful what you wish for -so much can go wrong !!
Also as we found out, insurance policies often don’t cover wet rot, which is what we have.
Further more, it’s been festering away, a leak unseen until it was so bad that the water found its way out through the light downstairs by which time the damage was already so accelerated that we’ve had no option but to rip out the whole floor.

Ripping out the layers is hideous . We are literally having to peel and carve back layer after layer of glued board, grout, electric floor and tiles. The jousts have to be treated for wet rot - we’re considering ourselves lucky we don’t have to remove them too.

The whole experience has ultimately made us think about two very important things !!

*The embodied carbon in all the materials and what a waste this is

  • also human need and what a bathroom is for.

The fact is this - the lack of access to anything means we’ve had to rip out a whole floor and been unable to make checks on any pipes or drains or electrics . Everything is behind layers of wall and floors.

A bathroom is for washing, toileting and perhaps the better place to dry clothes if you have the space…

This is our current situation!
I’ll post more to outline the many specific problems later.

This was the bathroom before the mess!

I plead with anyone thinking of tiling a floor that is not a concrete one not to do it. Tiles crack. Grout shrinks, water gets through, ultimately house collapses, insurance doesn’t pay out.

Carla, it may not seem it now but you have been lucky! At least you got a warning before the “ultimately” above.

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