Solar PV questions after home energy assesment survey

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Suddenly, I have lots of questions about Solar PV!!
Any advice or tips from those of you who have experience of solar PV would be gratefully received.

We’d just had our CC home energy retrofit survey completed and were focused on a fabric first pathway. We’d steered away from solar and heat pump for now , owing to funds and the Green Grant Scheme failings. Yet today we have discovered we are potentially eligible for Green Grant funding for solar / heat pump via E-on as part 1B of the governments grant funding to local authorities.

These developments are causing us to have a complete rethink about our focus.
As well as discovering the roof tiles on the lean to kitchen are synthetic and it isn’t really suitable for solar PV , our only option is the main roof which we know needs ridge vents and will have needed replacing sooner rather than later - add solar into the mix and it feels like our best focus if we get the grant money for solar PV is to have the whole roof redone while we’re at it!!

The fitness of the roof to take solar feels like a priority.

It’s great to think we might be able to get funding, but it is taking us along a different retrofit path than what we first planned.
Has anyone on here had solar fitted through Eon ?