Definition of baseline on Powershaper events

I’m a new trialist and participated in the last 5 events via the car charger. I was wondering what the definition of baseline is that determines the ‘flex’ amount on each event. It’s probably somewhere in the documentation and hope someone can point me towards it. Many thanks in advance.

Hi Ian. You can see the definition of baseline in the help text here -

This baseline value for each half hour is calculated by:

Taking your usage for the previous three weeks
Selecting only the weekdays or weekends - depending on when the event is
Selecting the usage in the same 30 minute period on each of those days
Taking the average of the those values

In your case, as you have a smart meter, the usage during the event and historic usage used to calculate the baseline are taken from your actual electricity usage.
For participants who don’t have a smart meter, we measure the usage directly from the device - car charger or immersion switch. It gives a less accurate figure for flex provided as it is only measuring what happens through that one device.

Let me know if you have any further questions or would like anything clarified.

Many thanks Peter, Just to confirm, the baseline is using imported electricity from the grid, rather than consumption data, being the sum of imported & real time home use of PV generated and/or home battery supplied.

Yes - in your case it is being measured at the meter, which will be the imported electricity from the grid.